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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD072209050707 Submitted: 23 July 2009

Bronchogenic cyst.

Milagros S. Bautista,
Nerissa A. Deleon,
Gari D. Astrologio

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A case of a seven-year old male with an initial finding of pulmonary cyst on the right lung presented with complaints of localized chest pain on the right and recurrent febrile episodes. Initial chest roentgenogram showed an inhomogenous density occupying the anterior and middle mediastinum seen in the right in PA projection with a small air fluid level in its most superior portion. This is confirmed by the CT-Scan findings of large thin walled cystic mass with a small pocket of air in the anterior segment of the upper lobe is again noted measuring 7.9cm X 6.3cm X 5.7 cm (L X W X AP) previously 7.0cm X 6.3cm X 5.0cm. The cystic mass abuts along the right cardiac border. Surrounding alveolar densities with air bronchogram and passive atelectasis of the right middle lobe are likewise seen. The bronchus intermedius is displaced posteriorly. Patient underwent thoracotomy with excision of Bronchogenic cysts at the right middle lobe. Histopathology report infected bronchogenic cysts, right with noted bronchopneumonia in surrounding lung parenchyma and reactive of lymph node histiocytosis. Complete excision was achieved. Bronchogenic cysts most frequently arise along the tracheobronchial tree but can be found anywhere in the thoracic cavity. It is considered to be congenital out-pouchings of the tracheobronchial which persisted and serves no function. Most are asymptomatic in adults but when symptoms do occur they are the result of infection, hemorrhage or compression of the adjacent pulmonary structure.

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Case report
Philippine Heart Center Journal
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January-March 2007
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